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Strength + Strongman @ The Fitness Rooms

Strongman is not a new concept. It is about as raw and basic as it gets. Picking odd-objects up and often putting them overhead, carrying them, squatting them, pushing them, flipping them, and dragging them – these are movements we have done since the beginning of time, both for survival and fun.

There are massive benefits to training the way strongmen do and we can learn a lot from both strongmen of old and modern day competitors. Strongman training has a great carry over into all other forms of training, developing insane levels of strength throughout a range of movements. It’s also a very simple and efficient way to train, with events of either maximum effort or lasting less than 75 seconds the nature of training will be short burst of high intensity work.

Strongman is applicable to everyone, it’s excellent for building muscle and losing fat simultaneously along with developing serious strength. The movements are incredibly functional, allowing the muscles to work together,complimenting whole body performance.

Training at The Fitness Rooms gives you access to our 40m track and outdoor training area along with the fantastic range of equipment we host, including; Atlas stones up to 145kg, tractor tyres, sledgehammers, yokes, farmers walks, prowlers, sleds, axle press, circus Dumbbells,Viking press, 14 squat racks and 32 Olympic bars with a large selection of free weights and bumper plates.

If you’re new to the sport or are wanting more out of your training, we offer individual and small group personal training specifically designed around strength and strongman training. These sessions will be aimed at providing a progressive training showing you the key movements and there effective execution to maximise gym time, strength and muscle gains. You will learn the principle behind the exercises along with adaptive techniques for improving strength and how to implement these into your program. Training with us will make you stronger!!!!!