EXCLUSIVE 30-day Gym Taster Membership

“EXCLUSIVE 30-day Gym Taster Membership”
Only £29 instead of the usual price £40
What’s included: Unlimited gym access to all our strength and conditioning equipment you’ll not find in any regular commercial gym
✅Gym Training Area of 10,000 sq/ft
✅40 by 5 Meter Functional Training Track
✅Olympic Lifting Platform
✅14 Squat Racks
✅36 Olympic Barbells
✅2x Dumbbells: 2.5kg-50kg
✅20 Adjustable Benches
✅Plate Loaded Machines: Prone row, leg press, hack squat, lying legs curl, leg extension, standing/seated calf raise, rear/reverse pec deck, chest press and seated row
✅Cable-jungle: 2x seated row, 2x lay pulldown, 3 high/low pulleys, chin up and assured chin/dip. Multiple attachments!
✅2x Functional Training Rigs
✅Specialised Equipment: 4x prowlers, 3x sleds, 3x farmers walk, 3x yoke, 3x lifting log, axle bars (various thickness), car deadlift, stone lifting platform, atlas stones up to 200kg, circus dumbbells and a viking press
✅Functional Equipment: Kettle bells, battle ropes, slam balls, wall balls, boxing bags, pads, gloves and power bags
✅Shower/changing facility
✅Protein Bar and Social Area
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To apply please fill in the online application form below and one of the team will be in touch