You’ve finally found a Gym In Newcastle that gives you everything you could ever imagine

The Fitness Rooms was formed with the hard working, dedicated individual in mind. Whether training alone or with one of our expert coaches you will experience true professionalism as we deliver unrivalled services to ensure you get the results you deserve. You will not leave disappointed!

Our world class facility has much to offer, with coaches and equipment suitable for many different disciplines. From Strongman, Olympic Weightlifting and Sports performance to Nutrition, Fat loss and Physiotherapy we cater to every people from many areas of health and fitness.

We truly are a facility for everybody. Whatever your goals or training background every person that steps foot inside our facility will be treated with the same passion and enthusiasm.

In our eyes everyone is an athlete upon entering The Fitness Rooms!

We only ask that you come with commitment and dedication!

We’ve set the bar high for our own personal performance standards. We’ve done this because we know you have certain expectations. In return, we ask for one thing, and that is to expect the same of yourself.

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