Welcome to The Fitness Rooms 

If you are looking for a gym in Newcastle, look no further! The Fitness Rooms was created to provide a quality Strength and Conditioning facility, fully loaded with all the necessary equipment needed to help both the athlete and everyday gym goer achieve outstanding results!

Whether you define performance as getting better for your sport or getting in the best shape of your life The Fitness Rooms is for you. We’re a Functional Strength and Conditioning gym dedicated toward helping every single person that steps foot inside our facility. No matter what your fitness goals, whether a complete beginner or experienced gym goer you will be treated with the same desire and eagerness we give all our existing members. In our eyes everyone upon entering The Fitness Rooms is equal, all that we ask is that you come with commitment, dedication and determination!

Check out our membership options below. You can choose between a regular Gym Membership if you’re confident enough to follow your own training regime, Strongman Membership for those who want help improving strength and size (also great for anyone thinking about competing) or if you need help with your training and possible weight loss why not try our Group Personal Training or Bootcamp membership.

CrossFit Training Push Ups
Bootcamp Membership Options